About Us

How we started?

The idea of building a solar boat for the competition in Monaco has been circulating in the Department of Energy and Fuels for a long time. In the autumn of 2015, students belonging to the “Eco-Energy” club together with the Academic Sailing Club started a joint action. They shared their common dreams and one goal – to participate in the international solar boat competition Monaco Solar&Energy Boat Challenge. 

The diverse skills of the members helped to create the first team, which has grown significantly over the coming months. The beginnings were not easy, we constantly encountered new obstacles, but to the end we believed that what we were doing made sense. Building a solar boat is not only an engineering challenge, it is our manifesto about the sustainable development of maritime transport. As students of AGH University of Science and Technology we are well aware of the challenges facing our planet.

Our goal

 By our actions we want to influence the development of this industry as much as possible. After two years of hard work, sleepless nights which will be remembered for a lifetime, in July 2017 we reached Yacht Club de Monaco. Our dreams came true. We participated in the solar boat competition, during which we took 5th place in the general classification in the A class. The success of 2017 is a great inspiration for us today. This year we want to fight for more. We decided to take part in a series of Dutch Solar Sport One competitions. We constantly want to increase the level of our construction, so we are constantly working on every detail of our Baśka.

About "Baśka" solarboat

meters long
meters width
watts solar power
watts engine power

The hull and deck of the boat, of the geometry we designed, were made of sandwich composite using carbon fibre, which is the basic building material for most of the elements in our boat. It provides high strength and rigidity in a lightweight structure. A special feature of the boat is its hydro-wings, which allow the hull of the boat to be lifted above the water surface in order to reduce hydrodynamic resistance. 

We use a 7kW BLDC electric motor, placed underwater in a sealed nacelle, which is a unique solution in comparison to other units. The location of the drive under the water surface simplifies the entire transmission and also significantly facilitates engine cooling. The boat is powered by photovoltaic panels located on its deck, supplying up to 1000W of power. This energy is stored in Lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 1.5 kWh. The heart of the boat is an electrical installation that enables the conversion of energy from photovoltaic cells to store it in a battery and power all components. Control over the operation of all the devices and monitoring of all the parameters of the boat is carried out by advanced electronics using CAN bus for communication between the modules. Thanks to the wireless communication modules, the received data can be transmitted to the land.

Autonomous Boat

With our experience in building solar boats, we want to create an autonomous vessel! A system of sensors and advanced control systems make the boat requires no
operator. Of course, there will be no shortage of photovoltaic panels and lithium-ion batteries, making it an ecological unit with unlimited range! It will be able to move around lakes and rivers, collect and examine water samples and map the bottom. She will have her debut at the international RoboBoat competition in the USA, where she will be able to compete with other
teams from all over the world for the first time!

Łódź Autonomiczna Agh Solar Boat Team

Are you curious how it will work? The default operating mode of the boat will be the autonomous one, based on cameras and GPS. Information about the boat, its location and status will be transmitted to the server via radio. The same way will be used to send commands for the route and the task to be performed. To avoid collisions with other objects, the control system will use vision systems and ultrasonic sensors. Additionally, the boat will be equipped with a drone, which will support the work of the boat thanks to the cameras.

Our achievements

3rd place in Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge 2018

10th place in tournament series Solar Sport One in Holland 2018

3rd place in Solarboot Regatta der TH Wildau 2018

Main prize in category Ecology in Student Design Competition KOKOS 2018

Main prize in category Engineering Project in Student Club Competition KoKoN 2018 for the best engineering project

5th place in Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge 2017

Honorable mention in contest StRuNa 2017 in category best student club for participation in Monaco Solar & Electric Boat Challenge 2017