Monaco Solar Boat Challenge

The Monaco Solar&Energy Boat Challenge taking place in the waters surrounding Monte-Carlo is one of the most prestigious solar boat events in the world. 


This event was created to develop renewable energy sources and promote innovative activities.


 Teams from all over the world take part in the race, and boats are entered in 3 categories – V20, Open Class and A Class, in which our team will take part.

During the competition, the manoeuvrability, speed and energy efficiency of the boats are tested in three separately evaluated competitions:


A competition in which boats face a 300-metre-long slalom one at a time. This is a test of boat manoeuvrability, helmsman skills and stabilization systems.


A joint race of all boats on a 3 mile route to test the effectiveness of photovoltaic, battery and drive panels. Minimising drag is also crucial in this competition.

One-to-one sprint

Two boats race side to side in a 200 m speed test.

Boat speed upgrades such as the hydrofoils in this race increase the chances of success.

An electric-powered boat is a serious engineering challenge. Its success in competitions depends on many complex factors. To meet the rigorous requirements of the competition, our concept is to limit the submerged volume of the hull to a minimum, which is why, with all due respect to Archimedes, we abandon buoyancy swimming in favour of hydrofoils.


 The essence of their action is the generation of lifting force lifting the hull above the water surface. Under the surface there will be only hydrofoils, propeller and pylons, which are much less resistant. As long as the boat does not accelerate sufficiently so that the wings can balance its weight, the hull resistance must be minimal.


Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the weight of the boat to a minimum, so we decided to use an epoxy-carbon laminate to build the hull. Another challenge is the selection of a drive unit of adequately low weight and small dimensions, while achieving its high efficiency.