The team from Krakow on podium!

The team from Krakow on podium!

The four-day world solar boat competition at the Yacht Club de Monaco has just ended. Students of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow stood on the podium, taking 3rd place in the general classification.

AGH Solar Boat Team for the third time went to Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge to face the best solar boats from around the world. It is there that their boat, Baśka, has the chance to show what it can do in three different open sea competitions. The competition was attended by 34 teams from 14 different countries.

The first competition was the Fleet Race competition. It’s about doing as many laps as possible in 3 hours. Fleet Race was held in the open sea, so the teams had to face strong waves. During the race, the deck was damaged by a collision with a wave. This forced the helmsman to return to port. After a quick inspection, the land team together with the helmsman decided to return to the water. Despite the lost time, Baśka returned to the track and caught up with the loss by winning 4th place in the Fleet Race category.

The next day of the competition started with the Slalom competition, in which the agility of the boat is very important. The victory is determined by the time of covering the whole route. After a minor technical failure, the first attempt to get to the bottom of the situation managed to take 3rd place in a given category.

The final result was decided by the Championship Race, during which the team fought with all the teams in the cup system. Taking 3rd place in this category finally placed the AGH Solar Boat Team in 3rd place in the general classification.

The Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge is aimed not only at the competition between the teams but also at the continuous development of solar-powered boat technology. That’s why during the whole competition, apart from starts, there is also a Tech Talk series, during which all teams present the construction of their boats and innovative technologies they use. Thanks to this, there is a constant exchange of knowledge between the participants of the competition. Apart from Tech Talk, there were also conferences on sustainable development in the context of maritime transport. The participant of these conferences was a representative of our native company – Saule Technologies.

The entire competition was sponsored, among others, by the Prince Albert II Foundation of Monaco and the Toyota company.